Why Should I Choose Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts?

Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts specialise in professional, prompt service and we pride ourselves on the development of long-term relationships with all our clients and suppliers. Our satisfied customers come back again and again - for great quality promotional branding products from our team of friendly industry experts.


What is a Promotional Product?

In general, any product that has been branded with a logo or a message is automatically considered a “promotional product”.  These products are often used to promote a company, a brand, a cause, an organisation or even an event.  Promotional products are the most powerful and cost-effective way to promote anything.  We help you find the ideal promotional product to suit your brand - and your target market.


I am not really sure what I want. Can you help?

Don’t worry. Our sales team at Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts are industry experts who can help you find the perfect promotional gift or product. Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts has something to suit every business - and every budget - for marketing and branding solutions that get results.

How much do the products cost? How do I get a quote?

The cost of the products depends on the quantity you are after, the type of decoration and the time-frame you need them.  When it comes to understanding decoration prices, it’s important to remember that, the smaller the quantity, the more you pay (set-ups are the same, regardless of quantity). In some cases, if the quantity is below minimum quantity, you will also need to pay an additional fee.


Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts can provide a quote easily and efficiently. Simply email the details of your request to lisa@sweet-memories.com.au, or call (02) 8577 6400.  Remember - the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts to give you an accurate quote.


We hope you enjoy browsing the diverse range of interesting products already on our website. If you don’t find anything that matches your vision, talk to our team to see what fresh ideas we can find to suit your brand.


How do I place an order?

If you have received a quote and are happy with it, simply advise your sales representative at Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts and include all the important details, such as the product, quantity, colour of item, size breakdown if required, logo print colour and specification and the delivery address for your completed order.  

If you haven’t supplied artwork in the correct format, you will need to email it to your sales representative for more details.  Once we have the details we need, our production team can start getting ready.  Your Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts paperwork must be checked thoroughly, signed and returned before final production starts.


How do I pay for my order?  Do I need to pay in advance?

Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts require a 50% deposit and balance payment before dispatch.  Our production team will email you a pro-forma invoice and a credit card payment form, in order for you to advise your preferred payment details.  Payment can be made via credit card or EFT. Simply email your payment receipt to our production team and they can proceed with your important order.


When your order has been delivered to our warehouse, there is a thorough QC (quality control) before your goods are re-packed, ready for immediate dispatch. At this stage, you will be emailed a final tax invoice and when the balance is paid, your order will be on its way.


If, for any reason, you would like to pay for the full amount, please let us know and we can arrange for a tax invoice to be emailed to you, instead of a pro-forma invoice.  Please be aware that, in this case, you will be invoiced freight on a separate tax invoice when your order has been dispatched.


Is there a minimum order quantity?

Most of the products that are available have a minimum quantity to order.  However, there are some suppliers that allow you to order less than the minimum - but be aware that they will charge an additional surcharge.  That means you might end up paying more than if you ordered the minimum quantity, so be sure to crunch your numbers and make the decision that suits your budget and your business needs.


As a general rule, the smaller the quantity of items being branded, the more you will pay per unit.


How long will my order take?

Lead time on products depends on the product, service and quantity.  The most common lead time for stock items is approx. 2 – 3 weeks from the day that Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts receives your signed artwork form.  Lead time for indent orders is approx. 3 months.


Production lead time are always stated on all of Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts quotes.



Why do USB prices fluctuate so much?


NAND chips are traded like a commodity and their price is determined by current supply and demand.

Every day, large purchases of memory chips are made by companies from different sectors. Flash memory is used in a wide variety of electronic components including computers, mobile phones, medical devices and USB drives.

Large companies such as Samsung and Apple will often purchase huge quantities of NAND chips for their latest smartphones. This reduces the overall supply available in the market which causes the price to rise. When demand starts to slow and the supply builds up, sellers will start to lower their prices.

Price can also be affected by supply issues. The most expensive times to buy Flash Drives are February/March and September/October when China have their national holidays.


Can we match price from another company?

YES! At Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts, we understand that good service and high quality merchandise should never be compromised for price.

Our price match guarantee combines with the finest service in the industry, for a customer experience you won’t forget.


If you have received a written quote from another promotional company for the same item, with the same lead time at a lower price, we will beat that price.


*Terms and conditions apply








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