Our online ordering & merchandise program has been designed to allow for the storage and distribution of your promotional merchandise. The online store has functions that give you control over your brand, quality of products and costs



Purchasing and distribution of your promotional product merchandise with ease. Leave the stress behind and let Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts do what they do best

  • Supply good quality products
  • Set up an online portal for your franchises or branches
  • Store stock in our warehouse
  • Arrange shipping of products as required



  • Cost savings - Bulk buying from offshore or locally depending on your required quantity, lead time and budget could save you thousands of dollars
  • Consistency of your brand across the whole company
  • Approved merchandise stocked and distributed throughout your company
  • No storage costs
  • Not wasting your valuable staff resources on picking and packing stock
  • Dispatch within 1-2 working days from order placement
  • Easy ordering 24/7 through the online ordering portal


How does this work

  • You work closely with your Account Manager to choose the best products to suit your budget and needs
  • You place the order with Sweet Memories Promotional Gifts AND LEAVE THE REST TO US


What the program provides

  • Setup of your online store with personal login and add product images and ordering facilities
  • Arrange a place in our warehouse for your stock to be stored
  • Provide training to your team on how to best use and manage the merchandise range
  • Provide reports on stock levels and alert you when you are running low on stock
  • Dispatch stock as ordered within 1-2 working days from placement of order



  • Our warehouse belongs to us and is on our premises – (no 3rd party warehouse)
  • All your stock is insured
  • Easy access for those last minute deadlines
  • Our Warehouse Manager has over 8 years experience so you can rest assured that what you ordered is what will get delivered
  • Using our warehousing facility means less stress and hassle for you and – most importantly – less money out of your budget


If setting up a merchandise range is what you need please contact us via email lisa@sweet-memroies.com.au or phone (02) 8577-6400 to arrange a meeting to work out the best programme for your company and we will tailor a package to your needs as not two companies are the same



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